Team Member Orientation: An Executive Welcome



Last Friday, new MHM team members had the privilege of meeting with members of the executive management team as part of their team member orientation. Attendees enjoyed an opening Invocation by Reverend Mickey McCandless, director of church connections and spiritual care before being officially welcomed by MHM president and CEO, Kevin C. Moriarty. Individuals new to the MHM family were reminded of our faithful commitment to MHM's mission of serving the least served by ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those in our care.


Newcomers to the organization delighted in the opportunity to receive an organizational overview direct from Executive Directors' Pilar Oates and Joe Babb. As orientation continued, new team members were introduced to the mission, vision and core values of MHM. Additionally, attendees received a proper introduction to the many programs and services available to the clients served by MHM. This occasion provided team members with the background necessary to successfully fulfill the critical responsibilities of their respective positions.


As part of his closing remarks, Mr. Moriarty shared with the newly initiated team members his goal of creating a desire for excellence for the essential role they play in serving the community. As the orientation commenced, new team members exited with a refreshed sense of encouragement and the drive to help navigate them through the start of a new, fulfilling career at MHM.