Epilogue to the Virtual Dementia Tour

by Ann Scarth – Mason County News

Last Thursday’s Virtual Dementia Tour presented by the Wesley Nurse Hill Country Team was a success on many planes. Participants were actually able to “walk in the shoes of dementia”. Family members, caregivers, friends & public servants were among those who wanted to experience the tour. Deep emotions were stirred within participants as noted by comments that they felt more compassion, understanding, sympathy & empathy towards those suffering dementia & their caregivers. Because of the tour, many commented that they were not aware of the difficulty in performing even the simplest daily tasks. One person commented that he would try to remember that people with dementia have to work with multiple impairments at once. One of the pastors that took the tour stated that this experience gave meaning to how to better communicate at church & that the elderly do need extra care.

In conclusion, it seems that Mason is ready for a support group. If you would like to participate in the formation of a group, please contact Ann Scarth, RN, Wesley Nurse at 347-5983. For those of you who missed the tour, you can still view the video at www.secondwind.org the website for Second Wind Dreams. Again, I want to express my gratitude to Jim Schmidt for providing the facility for this powerful presentation at The Wildlife Ranch.

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