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Our People

Methodist Healthcare Ministries supports a Thriving Workforce through establishing equitable policies and by investing in the physical, mental and economic health of team members and their families.

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Methodist Healthcare Ministries: Top Workplace Recipient 2021-2023

Methodist Healthcare Ministries was awarded a Top Workplaces 2023 honor by the San Antonio Express-News in honor of our outstanding team engagement. This is the third consecutive year we have received this recognition and the fourth time in the past decade.

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MHM Supports a Thriving Workforce

Methodist Healthcare Ministries believes that to best fulfill its mission of Serving Humanity to Honor God, it must develop and support a Thriving Workforce. The organization pursues this goal through intentional employee listening, responsive policies, and authentic engagement that affirms and builds up the dignity and gifts of each of its “Caring Servant” team members.

When we see our patients, it’s not a 20-minute appointment and if they need anything else, they need to schedule another appointment. Patients react positively to that and feel cared for. We have relationships with our patients because we have the time to sit and to talk about more than just what a doctor discusses.”

Lessa Perry  | Wesley Nurse

Our People Overview

Methodist Healthcare Ministries recognizes that it benefits from the diverse ideas, cultures, and thinking of its workforce through an inclusive culture that begins with recruiting and hiring practices that include behavioral questions aligned to the organizational values.

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Ethnicities Represented

At the core of our Recreation and Enrichment Programs lies a profound understanding: that true well-being encompasses both the vitality of the body and the richness of social connection. By offering a diverse array of programming, we provide our clients with the tools to not only thrive individually but to forge deeper bonds within their communities through shared experiences and active engagement, we inspire a collective journey towards wellness.

Camp Wesley Coordination Team – Get Fit Program

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Jaime Wesoloski

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Wesolowski is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Methodist Healthcare Ministries. A healthcare executive with three decades of leadership experience, Jaime is responsible for the overall governance and direction of Methodist Healthcare Ministries. Jaime earned his Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Xavier University, and his Bachelor’s of Science from Indiana University in Healthcare Administration. As a cancer survivor, Jaime is a staunch supporter of the American Cancer Society. He serves as Chair of the American Cancer Society’s South Texas Area board of directors and he was appointed as Chair to the recently created South Region Advisory Cabinet, covering eight states from Arizona through Alabama. Jaime believes his personal experience as a cancer survivor has given him more defined insight and compassion to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and their families.