Taking a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes: A Virtual Dementia Tour

by Beth Ann Scarth, RN
Wesley Nurse, Mason, Texas

Mason, Texas…It's a happening place. We have hunting, an annual donkey race and the national gem of Texas, the topaz. Now we offer something new: it's called the Virtual Dementia Tour or VDT.

Second Wind Dreams developed this tour and is committed to change the perception of aging.

P.K. Beville is the creator of VDT and believes that "the greatest form of respect we can give is to walk in someone else's shoes."  VDT is a scientifically proven method of simulating a state of dementia that was designed to build sensitivity and awareness in individuals caring for those with dementia.

Previously, I worked as a home health nurse and I thought dementia was more about forgetfulness than anything else. After personally taking this tour, I could see how wrong I was and that dementia is a physical, as well as, mental challenge. Dementia is a general term that can only describe a group of symptoms.  I can't fully know what it is like to have dementia, but this tour gave me a true window into the condition and I want to promote a deeper awareness in my own community by sharing this experience with others who care for those suffering from dementia.


Check out the actual video of Dr. Jim Sears experiencing the tour and his comments on www.secondwind.org the official website for Second Wind Dreams.