Germs, Bacteria, Plaque…Oh My

Camp Wesley Campers learn about dental hygiene

MHM’s dental services team recently met with the 6–10 year old campers at Camp Wesley to share information about why it is important for the children to brush their teeth. The main learning from the day centered on photos of bacteria that live in our mouths and the consequences of this bacteria turning into plaque if we do not brush and floss regularly.


The dental team surprised the young campers when they covered one half of a raw egg with fluoride and placed it in a glass filled with vinegar, which symbolized acid made from bacteria in the foods we eat and drink. The children were amazed to see the acid begin to break down the egg’s shell as an example of how acid breaks down the enamel of our teeth and causes cavities. Once the demonstration concluded, campers received a goody bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and educational stickers.

“I love to educate children at a young age about the importance of oral hygiene. If you teach the child the value of their teeth, you set them up for life long health,” shared Maria Reyes, MHM dental hygienist.