Camp Wesley, a group effort

Camp Wesley is underway at the Wesley Health & Wellness Center (WHWC). With nearly 200 registered campers for Camp Wesley session 1, this year’s event is proving to be fun and educational for all involved.

Weekly themes help campers focus

Each week, the camp’s activities are based on a different theme. The first week’s theme was global awareness. Campers engaged in games that are played around the world, they learnedfun facts about different countries and the children participated in craft projects highlighting various cultures. These activities helped promote awareness and acceptance of different cultures. The second week’s theme was super hero’s week. Campers were excited to pretend to be their favorite super hero for the week, they even made their own super hero capes! This week, campers focused on building good character, and practiced finding different ways to help others and how to be a good friend and role model to others.

Social Workers engage older campers

Four social workers from MHM’s Behavioral Health services partnered with Camp Wesley for a special program for campers age 12 years and older. The social workers led gender and age neutral group-based discussions with the pre-teens about social issues currently impacting the group. The campers were given scenarios and encouraged to share their thoughts about how they would approach the situation. The social workers encouraged the campers to be proactive in the planning and prioritizing of their personal responsibilities.

Healthy eating during Camp Wesley

In addition to the nutritious meals served to campers during Camp Wesley MHM’s Nutrition services provided participants with information about how to maintain and keep a healthy diet. MHM’s registered dieticians taught campers about the five food groups and how they should portion their food and daily meal selection. The dieticians made healthy eating fun using coloring pages and visuals that even the youngest camper could get excited about. The hope is that each child will take the experience home with them so they can share what they learned with their families.

Free dental screenings at Camp Wesley

MHM’s Dental services offered a free dental screening to all campers. The campers were given fluoride treatments, in addition to an exam by MHM’s pediatric dentist, Dr. Webster. After the screenings were complete, the campers were sent back to camp with notes for their parents detailing the screening and their findings.


Anti-bullying initiative

Campers also participated in an anti-bullying program, presented by the United Communities of San Antonio. During the program, they partake in teambuilding exercises with camp counselors to help them understand the important of connecting with their peers and learning to respect each person’s differences. Campers also learned how to keep themselves from engaging in bullying and what to do if they witness any bullying in camp, at school or at home.

As the first session of Camp Wesley wraps up, we look back in gratitude to all the MHM team members who helped make camp, not only fun, but educational too! The collective efforts of our Behavioral Health Services, Dental, Nutrition and countless others helped the campers walk away with experience and knowledge from a variety of topics. At Camp Wesley, and throughout MHM, we are committed to holistic health—mind, body and spirit. Camp Wesley is just one way we deliver our mission.