MHM connects to LinkedIn

Last Thursday, the MHM Public Relations department continued the social media and social networking learning series with, "LinkedIn: Building Your Professional Network Online."

This workshop was designed to explore the online medium of LinkedIn by providing attendees with the basic landscape of the professional networking site. As MHM expands its reach through the establishment of a company page on LinkedIn, Facebook page, YouTube channel and organizational Blog, the Public Relations department found ensuring team members feel familiar with such online spaces to be of high importance.

Last week’s workshop examined LinkedIn as a means of establishing professional connections and staying up-to-date with the latest industry related news. More specifically, participants learned how to:

  • Build their own professional profile;
  • Add network connections;
  • Join and create groups;
  • Follow and research companies;
  • Discover news on LinkedIn Today; and
  • Configure account settings.

Participants were first introduced to the various sections that constitute a LinkedIn profile. Further exploration allowed attendees to take a more in-depth look at the editing and customization capabilities provided by LinkedIn, such as the ability to rearrange sections, adjust profile visibility, and tips for optimizing profiles for search engine optimization purposes.

Next, participants examined how LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages work, along with how to receive headline news using the LinkedIn Today feature. Finally, attendees were presented with an outline of the Account Settings area of a basic LinkedIn account.

After an analysis of feedback obtained in a post-presentation survey, it was clear many users were unaware of the expansive features the LinkedIn network has to offer. Attendees reported leaving the workshop with a new-found level of comfort and a revitalized outlook on the LinkedIn platform.

Were you able to attend this session? If so, please share your insights. Still have questions? Please share them here (by adding a comment) or contact Dominica Garza at or 210-253-3220. You can connect with Dominica Garza on LinkedIn at: