Methodist Healthcare Ministries Announces $500,000 Gift to Harlandale Independent School District for After School Programming

San Antonio, TX  (September 18, 2023)Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. (MHM) announced that it is making a $500,000 gift to the Harlandale Independent School District (HISD) during the Special Recognitions Program prior to the HISD School Board meeting on Monday, September 18, 2023. The announcement addresses the school district’s request for support to continue after school care programs for five schools in the district: Schulze Elementary School, Harlandale Middle School, Kingsborough Middle School, S.T.E.M. Early College High School, and Frank Tejeda Academy.

“Partnerships like this are important because we know that health is more than just what happens at a doctor’s visit at one of our clinics. It’s a lifelong journey fueled by supportive relationships, caring communities, and more fair and just opportunities for every person to be the healthiest version of themselves,” said Xochy Hurtado, Chief Operating Officer for Methodist Healthcare Ministries. “Through this gift, Methodist Healthcare Ministries and Harlandale will build a healthier, thriving community by strengthening families, improving health and safety for students and giving parents the peace of mind they need to work and lead happy, healthy families.“

The HISD, like many other school districts across Texas, previously received funding from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). With that funding source depleted, HISD was facing a funding shortage that would lead to 50 percent of its after school programs being cut for the current 2023-2024 school year. These five schools and hundreds of kids would find themselves without access to critical after school care programs and activities that are critical to helping them reach their fullest potential for life.

“This funding is a beacon of hope for our after-school programs, allowing us to provide invaluable support and opportunities to our students,” said Gerardo Soto, Superintendent of Schools at Harlandale Independent School District. “We are deeply appreciative of Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ commitment to our community’s education and well-being.”

MHM’s Wesley Health & Wellness Center (WHWC) is located near the HISD and students from the five impacted schools often participate in programming offered at the WHWC. Through this effort, MHM will continue to broaden the definition of healthcare by partnering with HISD, strengthening families, improving the health and safety for the children and giving parents the peace of mind.

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About Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.Methodist Healthcare Ministries broadens the definition of healthcare by providing low-cost clinical care for the uninsured and by supporting community-led efforts that improve living conditions that cause people to be sick in the first place. We use our earnings as co-owners of Methodist Healthcare to ensure that people who are economically disadvantaged and uninsured can live their healthiest lives. We do this by advocating for, investing in and providing access to quality clinical care and addressing factors that affect health—including economic mobility, supportive relationships, food security, broadband access, and safe neighborhoods. Ultimately, we fulfill our mission of “Serving Humanity to Honor God” by advancing health equity so that more resilient individuals & families living in the 74 counties we serve can thrive.

About Harlandale Independent School District:The Harlandale Independent School District serves about 12,000 students with two traditional high schools, the STEM Early College High School, Frank Tejeda Academy, four middle schools, nine elementary schools,  and one alternate campus.