Methodist Healthcare Ministries Announces Three-Year Partnership with VelocityTX

SAN ANTONIO (August 9) – Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. (MHM) announced today a three-year partnership with San Antonio-based bioscience innovation center VelocityTX to advance awareness, research, and innovation related to the social determinants of health (SDH).

Speaking at an event organized by Healthcare Think Tank, MHM President & CEO Jaime Wesolowski made the announcement following a keynote address that emphasized the need for greater focus on the role societal factors play in shaping health outcomes. Among the areas discussed were education, socioeconomic status, living conditions, access to care, and environmental factors.

In his address, Wesolowski called for a collaborative effort between healthcare institutions, research organizations, and private industry to tackle the root causes of health disparities, noting the potential of innovative technologies in addressing these critical—but often overlooked—factors that contribute to health and well-being.

Following the presentation, Wesolowski announced the partnership with VelocityTX, a subsidiary of the Texas Research and Technology Foundation. “We are excited for this partnership, which will propel innovation and sustainable solutions at the intersection of business and community impact. MHM and VelocityTX intend to create a hub of innovation that launches improvement in the social determinants of health across communities for years to come.”

A key component of the partnership will be the development of a specialized accelerator tailored to startups that are working to address social determinants of health. Launching in 2024, the program will leverage VelocityTX’s bioscience expertise to source leading innovators from across the country, offering cohort participants access to entrepreneurs-in-residence, personalized pitch coaching, and comprehensive business training.

“Societal factors have a major impact on personal wellbeing, particularly in under-resourced communities,” followed TRTF President and COO Rene Dominguez. “MHM’s vision to improve wellness of the least served makes this partnership particularly mission aligned, and we are excited to see what happens when we focus the lens of innovation toward this critical area of study.”

Operating out of a state-of-the-art Innovation Center located within one of San Antonio’s historically underserved communities, VelocityTX will also oversee ten education sessions designed to highlight the role social determinants of health play in shaping community health. Hosted at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, these sessions aim to raise awareness of SDH among students, healthcare professionals, and the general population. The first session will be held on Tuesday, September 26.

“With a dual focus on education and innovation, this partnership will help translate leading-edge science into positive health outcomes in communities all across South Texas,” Wesolowski stated.


About Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.
Methodist Healthcare Ministries broadens the definition of healthcare by providing low-cost clinical care for the uninsured and by supporting community-led efforts that improve living conditions that cause people to be sick in the first place. We use our earnings as co-owners of Methodist Healthcare to ensure that people who are economically disadvantaged and uninsured can live their healthiest lives. We do this by advocating for, investing in and providing access to quality clinical care and addressing factors that affect health—including economic mobility, supportive relationships, food security, broadband access, and safe neighborhoods. Ultimately, we fulfill our mission of “Serving Humanity to Honor God” by advancing health equity so that more resilient individuals & families living in the 74 counties we serve can thrive.

About VelocityTX
VelocityTX is a nonprofit organization established in 2017 as a subsidiary of the Texas Research & Technology Foundation to help early-stage bioscience companies launch innovative breakthroughs that can significantly change and save lives at a global level. The VelocityTX innovation model – connect, support, fund – is designed to accelerate the path to commercialization for companies focused on medical devices, biotech, and healthcare IT. Learn more at