Growing Connections: Questions, Questions!

Traveling is always exciting…new places to see, new people to experience, and new revelations even in places I know well.  Somewhere in the midst of the traveling it gets tiring…yet the stories of people, their lives and dreams always keep me renewed and rejuvenated.

In my travels, far away or close at hand, the questions that I ask and the questions I encounter are always forming me and those around me. Questions shape us by exposing us to new avenues of inquiry, to different problem solving explorations, and new ways of being people. Questions challenge us to explore our values and the foundations of those values. Questions drive us toward new life and new ways to live that life.

The easiest question to ask is 'why?' It is also the hardest one, at times, for us to answer. Yet, that is where we begin in our striving to understand. Why is Earth blue? Why does it rain in the East and not in the Southwest? Why is one person more important than another person?

What are the 'why?' questions that you have? Have you searched for the answer to those recently? Maybe it is time!

Keep asking questions and you will keep revealing more and more of yourself to yourself and to those around you. Keep asking questions and you will deepen your journey of faith and the passion with which you live faith and life. Keep asking questions and you will come to know more deeply the depth of God and the passion of God for you, for life, and for community. Keep asking questions…

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor Mickey


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