Public Policy & Advocacy

Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ public policy agenda and advocacy efforts are guided by the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church, and are carried out by increasing the public’s understanding of how health policies impact their communities; strengthening and cultivating relationships with other groups concerned with health policy; and advocating for policies that enhance the health and well-being of families and their communities. By tracking regional and national policy trends and conducting research, Methodist Healthcare Ministries identifies how legislative policies at both the federal and state levels are impacting the health care needs of the uninsured in the community. Through commissioned publications and data reports, Methodist Healthcare Ministries works to educate policymakers and shape discussions among a broad base of health care stakeholders on system-wide policy challenges and opportunities, all in an effort to increase access to quality health care services for South Texans.


Statement on Immigration and Human Rights

Guided by our mission of “Serving Humanity to Honor God,” and the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church, Methodist Healthcare Ministries recognizes, embraces and affirms all persons are God’s children and therefore entitled to dignity and respect. No person should be subject to hostility or social discrimination based on immigration status, country of origin, age, race or ethnicity, gender expression, religion, or sexual orientation. We affirm the right of all persons to have opportunities for health and well-being, including safety, employment, access to housing, healthcare, and education.

We strive to deeply listen and establish a dialogue that brings healing, hope, and reconciliation and will speak out when we witness hostility–either through words or deeds–towards any human whether stranger, sojourner, pilgrim or refugee in the communities we serve. We will not ignore injustice and will instead endeavor to provide opportunities for all to flourish and experience abundant life.