Mission, Vision & Values


“Serving Humanity to Honor God”

This mission also includes Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ one-half ownership of the Methodist Healthcare System – the largest healthcare system in South Texas. This creates a unique avenue to ensure the Methodist Healthcare System continues to be a benefit to the community by providing quality care to all and charitable care when needed, and it provides revenue to Methodist Healthcare Ministries for its programs.


“To be the leader
for improving wellness
of the least served”

Core Values

Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ team members defined their own set of core values embraced in the message of “I am the caring servant,” which shapes our relationship with the people we serve and each other. Our values are more than a philosophy at Methodist Healthcare Ministries; it is the compass that guides our behavior and our continuous improvement. It’s how we lead by example.

  • Integrity: I am honest and trustworthy. I am accountable for the impact of my actions and my words.
  • Making a difference: I am committed to a vision beyond myself. I am mission-focused.
  • Teamwork: I am collaborative and an open-communicator. I am innovative in my approach to working with others, and in finding solutions to challenges.
  • Compassion: I am respectful, and do not judge others. I have concern for others and a desire to help.
  • Spirituality: I am committed to making time for my loved ones, my community and myself. I embrace faith, hope and forgiveness in my daily life.

Commitment to Health Equity

Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. believes that to improve the wellness of the least served and fully live out its mission of “Serving Humanity to Honor God,” it must recognize the inequities inherent in its communities that contribute to poor health outcomes. Health Equity is both the process and goal by which Methodist Healthcare Ministries seeks to carry out that purpose. Health Equity is a framework of thought and action that strives to reduce racial and socio-economic disparities and create fair and just opportunities for every person to reach their full potential for health and life and contribute to that of others.

Statement on Racial Injustice

Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.’s long standing mission is “Serving Humanity to Honor God” and our vision is “To be the leader for improving wellness of the least served.” We believe that to improve the wellness of the least served and fully live out our mission we must recognize the inequities inherent in our communities that contribute to poor health outcomes. Inequities revolving around maternal and infant health, chronic stress, trauma, education, food security, safe housing and financial wealth have resulted in vast differences in life expectancy and quality of life for people living in the 74 counties we serve.

We believe that by nurturing resilient families—regardless of one’s spirituality, income, race, gender, or sexual orientation—we help communities to thrive. And, only when everyone has access to quality healthcare, a good education, meaningful job opportunities, as well as safe and just living environments, can communities truly thrive.

The disenfranchisement of people of color in our community through policies and practices contributing to systemic racial oppression, including the suppression of opportunities to reach one’s full potential for health and life, does harm to all families and prevents every community from thriving.

As an organization rooted in the traditions of the Methodist faith, we proclaim, with the 2017-2020 Social Principles of the United Methodist Church, recognition of racism as sin and affirm the ultimate and temporal worth of all persons. We rejoice in the gifts that every racial group and culture bring to our total life and stand with our partners, patients, clients, and the communities we serve in rejecting all expressions of racism and policies and practices that erode inclusion and diminish health equity for all.