What Winning with Excellence Means to Me

By Terri H., Intake Coordinator

Terri High-Blogsm

I joined Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas Inc. (MHM) in March 2004, however I was first introduced to MHM in 1997 when I was a Wesley Primary Care Clinic employee. Through the years I have seen tremendous change and growth in MHM and all for the best. Each day I hear our patients' needs and their stories of survival. I listen closely and let them know that we care and we are here to help. I find satisfaction at the end of the day knowing that I was able to help that patient through my compassion and listening. Some patients let me know that I have helped them feel better by thanking me through their blessings and hugs. To hear this makes me feel proud to be part of the MHM family.

Since 2008, I have had to deal with a serious illness – something I pray no one close to me ever has to deal with. MHM is so blessed to have such wonderful team members that care and are compassionate, not only with patients, but with coworkers. In 2012, when I was going through treatment, not a single day went by without kind words whispered to me. I am so thankful for Our Heavenly Lord who has put us here, in addition to my beautiful family and the team at MHM. I am so proud of the group of ladies I work with in Intake who have been my biggest support group. My supervisor, Lorraine, has been there for me since the beginning of my journey. She has listened and prayed with me. I have such respect and admiration for her. She was never too busy to help me.

All I can say is that I am very proud to be part of the MHM family. And I know our patients feel the same way. I pray that through the coming years and continued growth, MHM will remain successful in tending to our mission.