TMAC Trivia Challenge: July


Today, members of the Team Member Appreciation Committee (TMAC) visited the Parenting Programs team at the Meld East office as part of the ongoing recruitment efforts for 2012 membership. 

It’s hot out! To cool off, MHM team members gathered over a summer-influenced theme.   

This visit is also the second in the TMAC Trivia Challenge series. The TMAC Trivia Challenge offers team members the opportunity to learn more about Methodist Healthcare Ministries and the important role TMAC plays within the organization. For the remainder of the year TMAC members will visit various MHM facilities to personally issue the TMAC Trivia Challenge question of the month. On-site team members will have first exposure to the question of the month, however the challenge is open to all MHM team members.

We hope this is a fun and exciting way to test your MHM knowledge while discovering fun facts about the organization. As a committee, TMAC works hard to ensure team members are satisfied with life at MHM. We look forward to hearing your answers!

Here we go, the next question of the TMAC Trivia Challenge is: 

Health services are provided by MHM through School Based Health Centers. 
Where are these two School Based Health Centers located?
(name the elementary schools)

Please submit your answer to the TMAC Trivia Challenge question by utilizing the commenting feature following this post. Answers can also be submitted to the MHM official Facebook page in the form of a wall post at

Submissions for answers will close five business days after posting date. Therefore, the last day to submit answers to this question is Friday, July 22, 2011!

For more information about the MHM TMAC Trivia Challenge or TMAC in general, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Melanie Garcia or Current Chair, Lisa Rodriquez



Team members will have up to five business days after the question of the month is announced to submit their answer. After five business days, all correct answers will be entered in a drawing for a prize. The winner will be notified by a TMAC representative.

  • Open to MHM team members only.
  • One winner per question.
  • Entries for submission will close 5 business days after TMAC Trivia Question is announced.
  • Answers will be accepted through the MHM Blog or the official MHM Facebook page only.
  • Emails or verbal entries do not qualify for submission.