There’s a New Wesley Nurse in Town

By Bonnita Bale, RN

There is a new addition to the First United Methodist Church family in Robert Lee and Bronte. My name is Bonnita Bale, and I am a Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ Wesley Nurse. What is a Wesley Nurse you ask? I am a Registered Nurse, but instead of working in a hospital or clinic setting, I work in the community in partnership with the church to offer holistic health education and services, while practicing the values of the faith community.

I can provide blood pressure and glucose screenings and education on various conditions and diseases at no cost. Likewise, I may also be a resource to those who are uninsured and in need of supplies to manage their health, such as glucose testing supplies or referring to other agencies for additional programs or services. I focus on caring for the whole person—body, mind and spirit. Everyone is welcome and all classes are free. Our ministry is to help prevent illness and disease by educating the public, while helping the underserved in our community.

The Wesley Nurse office is located behind the Methodist Church in Bronte and Robert Lee.  I’m in Bronte on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings; and, in Robert Lee I am in the office on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon.  Please stop by  my office anytime with any questions you might have, or call 325-473-2069.