SPOT from Tragedy

On July 6, 2013, my 15 year old granddaughter was on a plane at the San Francisco International Airport when the Asiana Airlines Boeing 787 crashed upon landing. Her flight to China was delayed two days as the airport and airlines dealt with the aftermath of the tragedy.

This event and many more since that time also made me reflect on how I cope with tragedy – personal and global.

The acronym SPOT is my coping mechanism:

  • Sadness. I reflect upon my personal sadness and loss out of the event. I also try to reflect upon the sadness and loss felt by my neighbors near and far.
  • Pray. I pray to God for comfort, healing, presence, awareness, justice, mercy and guidance for me and for all touched by the tragedy.
  • Offer Hope. I remember that God offers me and all people the hope of a better tomorrow in the midst of the darkest of times. God will bring healing, love and abundance into life out of the tragedy that has occurred. God is a God who gives abundant life to all.
  • Tell. God tells God’s story of justice, mercy and a humble walk with God to everyone and invites each of us to engage in that journey that the world might be filled with joy, love and abundant life for each person.

In using the acronym SPOT I am able to be engaged with being comforted and healed in the midst of tragedy and living toward a world that seeks to be engaged with God that tragedy will be no more. I invite you to accompany me on that same journey.

Rev. Mickey McCandless