Program Spotlight: Parents Helping Parents (PHP)


Parenting Programs are offered through the Community Programs component of Methodist Healthcare Ministries. The Community Programs of MHM focus on bringing together individuals of similar backgrounds, ages, or life situations and creating a community within a community.  

Parents Helping Parents (PHP) is a parent support group designed to build stronger, healthier communities by strengthening and encouraging family life. It is volunteer-based and built upon the belief that parents are the first teachers and best advocates for their children.

PHP currently offers three programs in English and Spanish: Teen Moms, Parents of Children 3 and Up and Parents Raising Teens. Each curriculum was written by professionals in child development and family resources, and focuses on areas of health and safety, child development and guidance, family management, personal growth and other topics that promote positive parenting skills.

The PHP is a component of Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ ecumenical outreach and does not teach a particular set of denominational beliefs. All members of the community are invited and welcome to participate regardless of the church to which they belong.

How the program works

A group from the community recognizes a need for help.

Together, the group:

  • Finds a facility in which to meet once per week for 10-12 weeks (two hours per session).
  • Identifies at least two volunteers who are willing to be trained and serve as facilitators, not teachers, for the group. Training is provided by PHP coordinators.
  • Promotes the support group in the community and recruits parents to participate.
  • Convenes meetings and works with PHP staff in San Antonio to report progress.
  • At the end of the 10-12 week session the parents decide if they would like to continue. 
  • Stipends are available to organizations that participate.
  • Funds can be used for any expense related to implementing the program i.e., copies, flyers, transportation to help parents participate, food, activities, childcare, etc.

Funding is available to initiate the program in your community.