President/CEO Kevin Moriarty Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

Methodist Healthcare Ministries – a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating access to health care for the uninsured through direct services, community partnerships and strategic grant-making in 74 South Texas counties – has thrived under Moriarty's direction. He is responsible for executing the overall direction for the organization, executive administration of Methodist Healthcare Ministries' primary care medical and dental clinics, and providing policy guidance to Methodist Healthcare Ministries' board of directors.

Since being selected as the founding president and chief executive officer in February 1996, Moriarty has led Methodist Healthcare Ministries to become the largest private funding source for community health care services in South Texas. Moriarty's implementation of the board of director's strategy of community health has grown from one program in 1996, with 2,900 patient/client visits, less than five funded partners, and a $3.1 million budget, to 21 programs in 2016, 850,000 projected patient/client visits, more than 90 funded partners and a $91.9 million budget. Methodist Healthcare Ministries has been recognized by law makers as a critical voice and advocate for low-income families and the uninsured. Through its public policy analysis and research, and as a result of Moriarty's direction, Methodist Healthcare Ministries has helped to ensure Texans have greater access to health care services.

In addition, Moriarty oversees the quality and charitable management of the Methodist Healthcare System, San Antonio's second largest private employer of which Methodist Healthcare Ministries is one-half owner. This creates a unique avenue to ensure the Methodist Healthcare System continues to be a benefit to the community by providing quality care to all, and charitable care when needed. Under Moriarty's leadership at Methodist Healthcare Ministries, and through his role on the Methodist Healthcare System's Board of Governors and its Community Boards, both organizations have made great strides in working to achieve a high standard in community care.

Prior to his service at Methodist Healthcare Ministries, Moriarty served as a public official with the City of San Antonio for more than 20 years. The last position he held was as director for the Department of Community Initiatives. A native New Yorker, Moriarty received his B.A. from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York, with areas of concentration in history, economics and philosophy. He earned a Master of Science in Urban Studies from the City University of New York with a concentration in public administration, health and human services planning, manpower planning and data analysis. Moriarty continued his education through the Harvard Business School Executive Program in 1997, and the Executive Program for Philanthropy Leaders through Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2006.

Moriarty also served as a member of the Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa for two years as a teacher for elementary and secondary schools.

Today, Kevin resides in San Antonio with his wife and five children. Methodist Healthcare Ministries is honored to celebrate this grand milestone and looks forward to continuing prosperously under his leadership. Congratulations, Kevin!