Planting the Seed

Last Friday, the MHM Community Programs department shared in a lunch fellowship to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and the joy of the Christmas season. As part of the celebration, various team members shared their individual talents. One team member, Anna Garces, shared an original poem as a closing to their fellowship.



Planting the Seed
by Anna Garces

Have you ever asked yourself, "What difference have I made?"

Another year has passed in which we have done our job and been paid,
but what difference have we made?

Daily we strive for excellence in all that we do,
working hard at modeling our core values.

We have children with parents in prison or decreased,
children hurting or sick with some awful disease.
Our home visits are not always what we plan them to be,
when you get to a home and find no food or electricity.

We have all experienced the emotional roller coaster ride,
when we see a need for which we cannot provide.

Success stories are many, but there are always a few that
matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to get through.

We work so hard to meet the need and fail to celebrate for
just planting the seed.

Remember that successes are many more than we see,
when we treat others as what God sees they can be.
So let's celebrate all the things we take for granted,
and remember that God takes over once the seed has been planted.

Like the buses filled with laughter during our field trips,
seniors dancing, sewing and sharing tip or the tears in a parents eyes after receiving
a gift care, knowing that financially things for this family have been really
hard. And the smiles on children's faces as they arrive for summer camp with
their t-shirts and backpacks so proudly displaying the MHM stamp.

So have I made a difference at the end of the day if all I
can do for someone is to pray?

Remember that Jesus was God's Christmas gift, and God never
gives anything but the best for his kids! So let's continue to celebrate this
gift all year long and forget that is Christ we are strong.


Thank you, Anna, for sharing your story and planting the seed!