Pink Party for Women’s Health: A Community Effort

The Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™ program is committed to serving the least served through education, health promotion, and collaboration.
Vicki Krcha, Wesley Nurse in Llano, embraced the role of collaborator as she joined the community task force aimed at producing Llano’s recent Pink Party for Women’s Health held on May, 15, 2012 at the Lutie Watkins Memorial United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall in Llano. Additional members of this self-convened task force included Scott & White Healthcare – Llano, the Family and Consumer Sciences Division of the Texas ArgiLife Extension Service, and Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.
As part of the event planning process, Vicki worked to secure the venue, recruit volunteers for the event, conduct outreach and marketing, and eventually served  as table leader for the discussion portion of the event.

Table discussion 1

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The Pink Party for Women’s Health provided a soapbox for women to learn more about health issues with a specific focus on breast and cervical cancer. Further, facilitators used this as an opportunity to make local resources available to attendees as area medical providers were on hand to address concerns.
The importance of early detection was a focal point of the evening, along with financial assistance opportunities available to residents.
Overall, approximately 25 women attended the Pink Party for Women’s Health. The feedback was resoundingly positive. Attendees expressed appreciation for the information presented and opportunity to voice health questions and concerns. In fact, four women without health insurance were connected to resources in Llano to provide assistance.
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