On Ruling(s) by the Supreme Court….


On Ruling(s) by the Supreme Court of the United States on Individual Mandate and Medicaid Expansion in the Affordable Care Act of 2012

San Antonio, TX – For many Texans, passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a step toward
ensuring care for those who are sick, promoting prevention, and holding insurers accountable. In no state does today’s decision have a bigger impact than right here in Texas. Since ACA passed, over 7.5 million have benefited through dependent coverage (if under 26 years of age), and access of a federal insurance pool for pre-existing conditions.

Today’s ruling is cause for celebration—and for action. It is time for Texas leaders to get to work on implementing the law so that more Texans benefit. One important step is to establish an exchange that will allow many of the 6 million currently uninsured Texans and hundreds of Texas small businesses to access health care coverage at prices they can afford. Of the uninsured, 2/3 want insurance but have difficulty attaining it due to cost, or pre-existing conditions.

Texas should make it a priority to set up a health insurance exchange that is made especially for Texas. Texas needs to negotiate with the industry for affordable health insurance products. This allows Texas not only to be the #1 job creator, but the #1 contributor to the overall national economy.

Texas needs to make it a priority to set up a health insurance exchange that is made especially for Texas. Let’s make a Texas exchange for Texans!

The ruling today brings peace of mind for millions of Texans: children with pre-existing health conditions who get to keep the health care they need; young adults who can stay on their parents’ health plans; small businesses that receive tax credits for covering their employees; and millions of other Texans who benefit from the law’s free preventive care without co-pays and lowered drug costs in Medicare.

The expansion and exchange subsidies will be financed overwhelmingly by the federal government. For five years, starting in 2014, these initiatives will bring an estimated $119 billion in new federal dollars with a $6 billion state match for Medicaid expansion.

Kevin C. Moriarty, CEO of Methodist Healthcare Ministries stated: “We are committed to the least served, and look forward to the partnership with the state to address health care in Texas. The future of Texas depends on a healthy workforce, and the federal funds for a Medicaid expansion are a good economic tool.”

About Methodist Healthcare Ministries

Methodist Healthcare Ministries (MHM) is a private, faith-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing medical, dental and health-related human services to low-income families and the uninsured in South Texas. The mission of the organization is “Serving Humanity to Honor God” by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those least served in the Southwest Texas Conference area of The United Methodist Church. MHM is one-half owner of the Methodist Healthcare System—the largest healthcare system in South Texas.