New partnership between Methodist Healthcare Ministries and Dispensary of Hope is the right medicine for local uninsured patients


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc., a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating access to health care for the uninsured through direct services, community partnerships and strategic grant-making, has joined efforts with the Dispensary of Hope, a national, charitable medication distributor, to offer uninsured patients in San Antonio access to prescription medication at no cost. The new partnership is expected to benefit approximately 1,500 patients served through Methodist Healthcare Ministries' medical practices.

Methodist Healthcare Ministries owns and operates two primary care clinics at two locations in San Antonio. The clinics address the medical, behavioral health and dental needs of patients who cannot afford health insurance; services are provided on a sliding-scale fee based upon ability to pay, household income and family size.

The Dispensary of Hope will provide Methodist Healthcare Ministries with generic and brand medication. The Dispensary of Hope distributes this product as a part of its mission to bridge the generosity of drug manufacturers and health systems and the community spirit of charitable dispensing sites with the healthcare needs of the uninsured.

Over 1,000 practices across the United States donate surplus brand medication to the Dispensary of Hope through the campaign and have donated over $150 million (Average Wholesale Price) in medication. The Dispensary of Hope distributes the medication it receives domestically across its network of partners which include federally qualified health centers, free clinics, charitable community and outpatient pharmacies, and state central access programs, all licensed to dispense medication.

"The partnership with the Dispensary of Hope is going to fill a tremendous need for the unfunded patients served at our medical practices. It's a wonderful opportunity for our patients and we feel especially blessed to share this good news at a time when we all come together to celebrate all we are thankful for," says Methodist Healthcare Ministries' Chief Operating Officer, George Thomas. "The need for a program like this is tremendous—not just in Bexar County but across South Texas as we have some of the poorest cities in the United States just south of San Antonio. My hope is that more programs like the Dispensary of Hope would be available in those communities to help low-income families and the uninsured take care of their health needs."

Methodist Healthcare Ministries' Wesley Health & Wellness Center, which serves San Antonio's South Side community, is now part of a network of health centers in Texas serving as Dispensary of Hope access sites.

The partnership with the Dispensary of Hope will help approximately 1,500 patients served at Methodist Healthcare Ministries' medical practices in Bexar County.

Christopher Palombo, CEO of the Dispensary of Hope states "Access to surplus medication has the amazing impact of reducing healthcare costs, increasing access to medication, and improving patient health outcomes. We at the Dispensary of Hope appreciate the generosity of the drug manufacturing community, and the stewardship ethic among our donating physician practices who work to assist the patients of charitable clinics and pharmacies such as Wesley Health & Wellness Center."

To qualify for medical services at Methodist Healthcare Ministries' Wesley Health & Wellness Center, patients must meet certain eligibility criterion. To learn more, call the Wesley Health & Wellness Center at (210) 922-6922.

About Dispensary of Hope

The Dispensary of Hope, established in 2003 by Dr. Bruce Wolf, currently serves over 80 communities and 40,000 patients nationwide. Formed as a national collaborative effort which includes remarkable participation from donor drug manufacturers, health systems, clinics, pharmacies, supporting foundations, and many other engaged leaders, its role is to transform medication access through collaborative leadership. The Dispensary of Hope's programs serve drug manufacturers and health systems with an efficient and compliant way to donate medication, avoiding costly destruction while serving those in need. The Dispensary of Hope collaborative effort is hosted by Saint Thomas Health in Nashville, Tennessee, a member of St. Louis-based Ascension Health, the nation's largest nonprofit health system and lead funder for the Dispensary of Hope project. For more information, visit:

About Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.

Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. is a private, faith-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing medical, dental and health-related human services to low-income families and the uninsured in South Texas. The mission of the organization is "Serving Humanity to Honor God" by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those least served in the Rio Texas Conference area of The United Methodist Church. The mission also includes Methodist Healthcare Ministries' one-half ownership of the Methodist Healthcare System, the largest healthcare system in South Texas, which creates a unique avenue to ensure that it continues to be a benefit to the community by providing quality care to all and charitable care when needed. For more information, visit