MHM Education Reimbursement Program

Back-to-School time isn’t just for the kiddos. As you prepare your children for the beginning of a new school year with their immunizations, schools supplies and a fresh set of clothing don’t forget about furthering your own educational goals.

MHM is committed to your career and professional development and has designed the MHM Education Reimbursement program with you in mind. The MHM Education Reimbursement program is dedicated to helping you achieve your educational objectives.

MHMers like Christina Raya, dental assistant, and Blanca Arguello, WNHM regional manager, have already successfully participated in the program.



How It Works

In order to receive education reimbursement benefits, team members must be deemed eligible to participate in the program at the time of reimbursement processing and follow the steps outlined below.

1. Discuss your self-development plans with your manager prior to course registration/enrollment to ensure your course and institution choices meet all of the eligibility requirements.

2. Your manager will submit these plans to your department Director for final approval. Failure to secure final approval prior to submitting a reimbursement request may result in denial of reimbursement.

3. Document your director-approved education plan in SuccessFactors under “My Profile.”

4. Select an approved educational institution and approved course/degree program.

5. Enroll in the educational institution of choice. You are responsible for applying and registering directly with the educational institution, adhering to its procedures, policies, and deadlines.

6. Keep track of your semester educational expenses. You are responsible for ensuring that all itemized receipts for appropriate expenses are correct. Save your registration confirmation for submission with reimbursement request.

7. Within 60 days of course completion, submit your reimbursement request with itemized receipts, registrar’s records, and final grades. You may submit for every semester. There is a maximum benefit of $1,200 per semester and your reimbursement will not exceed $3,600 per year. Semesters do not have to be consecutive.

8. Your reimbursement will be processed through payroll following your reimbursement request submission.

As you set forth reaching your educational aspirations, remember the MHM Education Reimbursement program is here to help. Please submit your Education Reimbursement Application now for the Fall 2011 semester. 

For more details, contact Maggie Vasquez by telephone at (210) 385-0297 or via email at