MHM Challengers, Step Out to Stop Diabetes

Submitted by Juan Martinez, Health Education Program Manager

As Health Education Program Manager, I oversee health-related educational offerings and healthy eating initiatives at MHM. MHM's health education program ranges from information on how to handle diseases like diabetes, issues like weight management, to asthma and heart health. An especially critical focus of health education at MHM is addressing concerns related to diabetes. In fact, MHM's Diabetes Self-Management Education was recently named an accredited diabetes education program by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

With this knowledge base, I know all too well the impact diabetes has on the individual, their loved ones and the community at large. That is why when MHM agreed to become a Team Red Sponsor for the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes in San Antonio I was estactic! Naturally, I have a strong connection with the cause. I quickly envisioned the power of people. If we could formulate a team of like-minded walkers and supporters to champion the Stop Diabetes cause, our limits would be boundless. As an added motivation, MHM graciously offered to match all team contributions.

And so, the journey began. In July, I was officially named team captain for the MHM Challengers. The game plan was easy:

  1. Join. With MHM's support, the MHM Challengers officially joined the 2012 Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes both as an official Team Red Sponsor and as a corporate team.
  2. Register. Through various onsite events and special promotions we were able to recruit and register over 110 team members making the MHM Challengers one of the largest San Antonio Step Out teams.
  3. Fundraise. With much help from representatives with local ADA representatives, David Whitt and Jose A. Macias, we were able to offer fundraising tips and training to the MHM Challengers team. Their online tools and helpful ideas really guided team members in achieving their personal fundraising goals. In fact, within three short months we had raised over $900 in donations.
  4. Stop Diabetes. On Saturday, November 3rd, the MHM Challengers stepped out with confidence knowing that every dollar raised by the team provided funds for critical diabetes education and research. And although a cure has not yet been determined, we know we are that much closer to stopping diabetes.

To date, the team has raised over $2,200 in support of the ADA Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes.

The MHM Challengers are still accepting donations. To donate, visit: The deadline to submit your contribution to the team is Monday, December 3, 2012.