MHM Challengers’ Fundraising Superstar, Vanessa Enriquez

The MHM Challengers are taking to the track on Saturday, November 3 to participate in the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes benefiting the American Diabetes Association.

The Challengers, with team captain Juan Martinez at the helm, are comprised of MHM team members, clients, and community supporters. Collectively, the Challengers identified a fundraising goal of $1,000 in support of the ADA. What's more, MHM has offered to match every dollar raised by the team! 

We sat down with Vanessa Enriquez, MHM Challengers' Fundraising Superstar, to learn more about her connection with this cause:

  • Why are you participating in the ADA Step Out: Walk to Diabetes?

I am participating because I have several family members affected by diabetes. Last year, we lost my grandmother who was diabetic. In the end, she had heart trouble that led to her passing, but I know that the diabetes contributed to her poor cardiovascular health. My family is very close and personally, I spent my afternoons growing up helping my grandmother make dinner. My parents, brother and I ate dinner during the week with my grandparents so I shared a very close bond with her. In a way, she helped shape my love for food and nutrition, so I partly have her to thank for my career as a dietitian. Since becoming a dietitian I have tried to help my family in whatever ways possible and this is another way I see that I can try to impact those with diabetes or those who may develop the disease.

  • You've raised over $500.00 so far. Any tips or tricks to share with your teammates?

I emailed all of my family members through the ADA Step Out page. I added that I wanted to raise funds in memory of my grandmother so that one day other families would not have to go through the loss we had because of diabetes. I also emailed my close friends with a similar message. Many of my friends were supporting me during my grandmother’s illness so they saw the impact in had when she passed. Lastly, I post weekly updates on my facebook page. I try to share what my total is and how close I am to my goal. I also add that MHM is matching donations to encourage people to give no matter the amount, as it will be doubled in the end.

We are just five short weeks away from Step Out, and the Challengers are nearing their fundraising goal with close to $900 raised. Please consider joining our team, and helping us stop diabetes.

To join our team, or make a donation to the MHM Challengers, visit our team page.