Methodist Healthcare Ministries makes it to World of Watson 2016 by way of partnership with Medtronic

Methodist Healthcare Ministries has collaborated with Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology with operational headquarters in Minnesota, to demonstrate the Medtronic Turning Point program to Methodist Healthcare Ministries' medical patients.

Methodist Healthcare Ministries' patient base consists of individuals at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level who do not have access to health insurance. By design, the initial cohort of participants was selected by Methodist Healthcare Ministries' clinicians based on the challenges patients faced in reaching their diabetic management goals. An overall increased therapy demand and a shortage of providers required a more effective solution to address the growing need for high quality, lower cost diabetes care. The Medtronic Turning Point program offered a unique and unprecedented solution to meet these demands. The Medtronic Turning Point program utilizes a patient-facing mobile application serving as medication reminder and adviser in accordance with doctor instructions, in addition to tracking physical activity and nutrition. A remote health coach employed by Medtronic supervises the data and interacts with the patient. The program can report back to the patient's primary care physician at Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

Although the program is ongoing, positive results and feedback from both patient and physician have been realized, including a high patient retention rate and a noticeable reduction in HbA1C levels. As a cutting-edge solution to a long-standing and ever-increasing health care issue, Medtronic Turning Point program patient stories were displayed at the IBM World of Watson 2016, IBM's signature data and analytics conference, held Oct. 24-27 in Las Vegas.

"The Methodist Healthcare Ministries and Medtronic partnership through the Medtronic Turning Point program have been so valuable in testing a new approach to the long-standing issue of diabetes. Patients have reported the mobile app makes them feel like they have an added member of their health care team. The hands-on technology helps patients feel more connected and in charge of their diabetes management and goals. Our primary care physicians are kept well-informed of their patients' progress as part of their total health care plan. It's a win-win," explains Jennifer Knoulton, director of nursing and regional wellness programs at Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

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