Meld Growing Families Celebrates Mother’s Day

Meld Growing Families Celebrates Mother's Day

The Meld Support Group, coordinated by Lauri Revilla, met at the Wesley Health & Wellness Center last Wednesday to celebrate Mother's Day. As part of the celebration, fresh roses were distributed to program participants while they shared in their accomplishments and reflected on their experience as caregivers over lunch.   


Meld for Growing Families is part of the Meld program and is an extension of the Young Moms program, for mothers ages 26 and older as well as grandparents raising grandchildren. The curriculum focuses on age-appropriate child development techniques; managing outside influences on children's lives; living situations; violence; and balancing work and family life optimal health and well-being.


The core philosophy of the Meld program stems from the belief that parents can, and do: learn from each other; give one another support; need to be free to make informed decisions about their families; and can cooperate in groups while maintaining their individuality.


We are happy for the opportunity to celebrate in the successes of all our program participants on this special day of observance and look forward to many more celebrations to come!