Meld celebrates with a Family Field Trip

Parenting Programs Fact Sheet

Meld Growing Families goes to Witte Museum and Peter Pipers Pizza

Meld, a component of MHM’s Parenting Programs, brings together groups of parents with similar parenting needs, and provides them with tools to help them become more confident leaders within their families. The program consists of peer groups guided by a team of Parent Group Facilitators, whose roles are to provide groups with curriculums designed to address health and safety, child guidance and development, family management and personal development.

The core philosophy of the Meld program stems from the belief that parents can, and do: learn from each other; give one another support; need to be free to make informed decisions about their families; and can cooperate in groups while maintaining their individuality.


In addition to their regularly scheduled weekly group sessions, Meld hosts annual family field trips as a benefit to program participants. “For many, this opportunity is huge. The Meld Family Field Trip is a chance for families to share time together. Some families simply do not have the financial capability to partake on this type of outing with the entire family. This celebration gives these families an occasion to go out as a family and experience quality time as a unit. It’s all about spending time with their children and other positive role models,” explains Alma Saenz, Parenting Programs Coordinator. 

In August, Meld Growing Families hosted a family field trip to the Witte Museum and Peter Piper Pizza. Meld parents, children, team members and volunteers came together to celebrate the successes of the group and strengthen their bonds as parents and guardians. In the end, a total of approximately 187 (113 children, 64 parents) participants attended the field trip.  

Join in on the fun by viewing photos from the Meld Family Field Trip on Facebook.