Local nonprofit budgets $72 million in 2012 to care for health and wellbeing of South Texans



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Methodist Healthcare Ministries helps area’s neediest residents

SAN ANTONIO, March 19 – Methodist Healthcare Ministries has budgeted $72 million during 2012 for services and grants to individuals and non-profit organizations to assist hundreds of thousands of the most underserved South Texas residents.

In a down economy that finds more need than ever before, many nonprofit organizations are reducing their giving to a now much-needier community. Yet, over the last three years MHM actually increased its spending by more than 230%.

“This year sets a new milestone for MHM. Our investment in the programs and services that we own and operate, as well as support through not-for-profit agencies who share in our mission to ensure the least served have access to care in their communities, is at an all-time high,” says MHM President and CEO, Kevin C. Moriarty. “The tenets of our faith have led us to this point, and will sustain us through what will surely be a challenging time for those we serve as communities across Texas begin to feel the impact of the Texas legislature’s decision to slash funding for safety net services.”

More than $35 million of the total budgeted will go to MHM-owned/operated programs and clinics like the Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™, nutrition and health education services, family wellness and parenting programs. An additional $24.2 million in grants will go to dental and oral health programs, obesity and diabetes prevention, mental and behavioral health services, public health policy and research and more. MHM’s general and administrative costs total $6.8 million, however it represents just 9 percent of their total annual budget—a nominal figure when compared with other organizations in comparable size and scope of services offered. The final $5.5 million will renovate the Wesley Campus, enhancing and increasing capacity at the location where MHM hosts a multitude of free classes, camps and seminars year round.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this level of giving is that it has not only sustained and grown every year of the organization’s 17-year existence, but it is all achieved without a single call out for fundraising. MHM owns a 50% share of the Methodist Healthcare System.

Methodist Healthcare Ministries has a long history of serving some of the neediest members of the San Antonio and South Texas communities, giving nearly $500 million in its efforts to create access to care for the least served—and more great things are yet to come.

About Methodist Healthcare Ministries

Methodist Healthcare Ministries (MHM) is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical, dental and health-related human services to low-income families and the uninsured in South Texas. The mission of the organization is “Serving Humanity to Honor God” by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those least served in the Southwest Texas Conference area of The United Methodist Church. MHM also provides financial support to established organizations that are already effectively fulfilling the needs of the underserved in local communities through programs and services that they already operate. MHM is one-half owner of the Methodist Healthcare System—the largest healthcare system in South Texas.