How do we celebrate our team members? Throw a party!

Each year MHM's Team Member Appreciation Committee (TMAC) organizes various social and recreational events designed to promote goodwill and enhance team morale. Ultimately, these events serve to honor and appreciate the hard work and dedication of team members throughout the year on behalf of the MHM mission.

Our annual Team Member Appreciation Picnic is one such instance. The theme this year? Awesome 80s!

On Friday, October 5, the entire MHM team convened at Pedrotti's North Wind Ranch for a day of games, team building and entertainment.


Awards were presented to the best dressed 80s Icons with Beetlejuice (Ruth Schmidtka) and Miami Vice's Sonny Crockett (Victor Reyes) making an appearance and Biggest Hair (Donnelle Storrs).

Our 'Gag me with a Spoon' bake off awarded prizes for the Best Tasting (Karmel, Karmel, Karmel Chameleon Apple Cake; Jae Kight) and Most Heathy (Fruit Danish; Sara Campbell). While Madai Chandler's Pac Man Cake took home the title for Best Presentation.

Our 'Totally Tubular Volleyball' tournament helped us work off the Bake Off treats with Revenge of the Nerds (Samantha Andrus, Maureen Lares, Monica Orozco, Nicole Perez, Perry Spindler, Jessica Weaver, Ken Webster, Liz Valerio) taking home the championship trophy.

Thank you to the MHM team for your commitment to 'Serving Humanity to Honor God' through your daily work. A special recognition goes to TMAC for planning and organizing our Awesome 80s celebration!