HeartCheck® with MHS at Wesley Health & Wellness Center

In coordination with Methodist Healthcare, MHM hosted a HeartCheck® Health Fair at the Wesley Health & Wellness Center on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Methodist Healthcare provided free screenings to include a complete lipid profile, blood pressure check, glucose check, body mass index (BMI) assessment, diabetes and nutrition education, and an ‘Ask a Registered Nurse’ booth.

Members of MHM’s Family Wellness Programs provided a hands-on demonstration of exercise classes available at the Wesley Health & Wellness Center while other team members hosted resource tables to inform fair-goers of programs and services available through MHM.

A total of 70 participants were screened as part of the two-hour health fair. Of those 70, over half were shown to have a cholesterol reading higher than 200, a BMI above the recommend 18.5-25 and a blood pressure reading above the recommended 120/80.

“The results of the day clearly illustrate how important these fairs are to residents of the community. Once community members have a better understanding of their current health condition they are better able to take control of their individual health and that of their family. It is our goal at MHM to offer our clients and the communities in which we serve, opportunities to improve their health and create access to care when needed,” explains Jessica Muñoz-Sherfey, Director of Communications at MHM.

All event staff volunteered their time to take part in the HealthCheck® Health Fair at the Wesley Health & Wellness Center.