Get Fit: Santa Rosa summer camp offers fitness tips for kids

Originally posted by the Valley Morning Star.
By RAUL GARCIA, staff writer

SANTA ROSA — The district's Get Fit summer camp has kicked off.

The program teaches children the importance of health and fitness.

Santa Rosa High School seniors are employed as camp helpers.

"We are very excited about the program and it is beneficial to the whole community," said Rebecca Corpus, Santa Rosa High School principal.

The Get Fit program is a wellness program funded by the Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

This is the second consecutive year the district has rolled out this program, Corpus said.

The key components of the camp teach the students the importance of nutrition, physical development and character building through the arts.

Corpus said the program helps the high school students earn extra money during the summer, and helps them get ready for college.

She said 25 seniors were hired to work with the students enrolled in the summer program.

The seniors will assist the camp instructors in teaching exercise and nutritional techniques to the participating students.

Alberto Trevino, Santa Rosa Independent School District's After School Program project director, said the summer camp assistants are a big help to the staff, carrying out the daily camp activities.

The program will serve 150 students from grades first through eighth.

It is a 16-day camp held during the month of June, Monday through Thursday.

Every Thursday students will go on a field trip to an area museum, kayaking, bicycling, fishing, bowling, or to the movies.

Students will also use the local swimming pool on Wednesdays.

"They will learn many skills and leadership development they will need when they go to college or work," Trevino said. "They get the experience of actually working."

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