Funded Partner Spotlight: Triple H Equitherapy

Founded 22 years ago, Triple H Equitherapy, a therapeutic riding center, offers people of all ages and with any kind of special need a place to work with horses to experience health and healing. Methodist Healthcare Ministries has proudly supported Triple H Equitherapy since 1996 through funding for their psychotherapy programs.

Triple H Equitherapy uses an innovative approach to provide behavioral health treatment for children and veterans that have gone through caustic and traumatic life experiences. Treatment focuses on relationship building with horses as part of a traditional therapeutic plan, helping clients overcome trauma and improve their mental health. Healing relationships with their horses empower clients to develop life skills that help them relate to themselves and the world around them in healthy and sometimes joyful ways.

“The most exciting thing that I’ve noticed about the horses is that they work with folks in an unconditionally, excepting and loving way,” said Ginger Eways, executive director at Triple H Equitherapy. “When you put anyone in an environment of unconditional love and acceptance, good things are going to happen.”

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