From the frontlines …

Stories of success from Gracie A., Clinic Administration


Hello my name is Gracie. I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary with Methodist Healthcare Ministries (MHM). I am happy to be an employee of MHM. Through the years I have seen so much growth within the company with employees as well as clients/patients.

Employees have always been an inspiration, helpful and worked as a team. There are many so many stories that I can tell you…I go home every day knowing I have made someone's day. I have helped someone who felt that they were at a "dead end" health-wise. I have had men and women cry to me telling me they didn't have any other place to go or any means of money. They may need help with food or assistance with a bill or counseling. At the end of the day you say to yourself, "I did a great thing today…I was able to help someone get to the next step in their lives." I truly know God has me here for a reason.

The constant appreciation, the hugs and the blessings from everyone I see, and those I am able to help turn a frown into a smile, just makes my day! When someone says, "Look at me at me now, I have teeth!" Their smile makes your day. When someone tells you they can walk or they feel better as they stop you in the hall, it is such a wonderful blessing. I feel like I'm the privileged one to be there at that desk at that time.