Family Wellness celebrates National Nutrition Month

The Family Wellness Programs at MHM’s Wesley Health & Wellness Center (WHWC) help to uphold MHM’s holistic approach to healthcare by providing recreation and enrichment classes such as Baila2Fitness and Line Dancing, as well as offering nutrition education through healthy eating classes provided by a Nutrition Services team.


Upon entering WHWC, the Family Wellness team ensures MHM clients receive health care going beyond primary medical, dental and behavioral health services. Family Wellness Programs offer youth, adults and seniors free activities to participate in, in a safe and fun environment.

In observance of National Nutrition Month, a celebration for the end of a WHWC-sponsored healthy eating class was held. During the celebration, participants had the opportunity to view live cooking demonstrations by the Wesley Café chef and learn about healthy meal planning from on-site registered dieticians. “Our hope is that the valuable skills WHWC clients learned during the class will benefit them long after. The ability to provide healthier meals for themselves and their families is extremely valuable. We are fortunate to have an experienced and educated chef on-hand and a team of dieticians on staff at WHWC from which we can all benefit from!” explained Arlynn Ellis, Director of Family Wellness Programs.


Clients were moving fast at the first WHWC Walkathon held as part of National Nutrition Month. Although the weather brought the festivities indoors, the momentum of the event was not diminished. Walkers marched to upbeat tunes as they circled the WHWC gym for a morning of heart-pumping fun.

How did you celebrate National Nutrition Month?

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