Dianne Dorsett to join Leadership Texas Class of 2013

Dianne DorsettDianne Dorsett, Board Liaison, has been selected to join an elite network of more than 5,000 women as a member of the Leadership Texas Class of 2013.

“Mrs. Dorsett is one of 92 outstanding women leaders competitively selected from across the state to participate in the longest-running women’s leadership development program in the US. Throughout the year-long program, she will have the opportunity to broaden her perspective on our state by exploring four Texas cities and receiving cutting-edge information from renowned experts, government officials and other leaders to positively inform her work and community for years to come,” said Candace O’Keefe-Mathis, CEO of Women’s Resources. Leadership Texas, now in its 31st consecutive year, is the flagship program of the Texas-based foundation headquartered in Dallas.

Launched in 1983 as the first statewide program for women’s leadership development, Leadership Texas is patterned after, though not affiliated with, the co-educational civic programs that have found success in a number of cities throughout the state and nation. “Our founders decided to create Leadership Texas to help women become better, more informed leaders in our state’s communities, organizations and corporations,” O’Keefe-Mathis added.

The theme for the 2013 program year is ‘The Future of Texas is Now: From Local to Global’ “Participants will visit Dallas, Bryan/College Station, Galveston and Austin where each city’s opportunities and challenges will help to illuminate the participants’ knowledge of our rapidly evolving state across three common themes– the economy, education and the environment,” O’Keefe-Mathis said.

“We consider it a privilege to offer these influential women leaders from a broad diversity of professional and personal backgrounds some new perspectives, opinions and validation on some of the issues, people and places they might not otherwise encounter outside of the program. We recognize that it is necessary for today’s successful leaders to understand the cultural, social and economic shift before us and the programming of Leadership Texas provides opportunities and access to help the women impact the future of our evolving state.”

Dianne has offered her leadership, guidance and vigor to MHM for over 17 years. It is this passion that has helped to drive and mold MHM’s path to success.

We are all so proud of Dianne’s accomplishment, and contribution to the community!