Children of Children Multimedia Exhibit at Parker Lane UMC

Guest Blogger: Rev. Dr. Kristina Carter
Pastor, Parker Lane United Methodist Church

We are so thankful to MHM for helping us acquire the Children of Children multimedia exhibit. With help from Selene Garza, Parenting Programs Coordinator – Parents Helping Parents, we were able to display the exhibition at Parker Lane UMC for our congregation and Austin community members from the end of November through mid December.
We were so grateful to have it here. During the time Children of Children was at Parker Lane, 67 people signed in as they viewed the exhibit and we heard comments like:

  • Amazing — the photos match the stories and the stories are so powerful.
  • These are life changing stories.
  • Loved the presentation — when we learn to value and life then maybe we will learn to value the creation of life more.
  • It was enlightening.
  • Thank you for very human stories of people who care, and photos that reveal so much of them.
  • Outstanding.
  • This was an awesome experience.
  • Stories are incredible.
  • Rico is a real man.

While ‘Children of Children’ was here one congregation of about 20 teenagers and young adults went through the exhibit and then did the traveling Las Posadas that I developed to go along with the exhibit. Our church had 12 individuals go through the exhibit and participate in the traveling Las Posadas tour.

Additionally, our youth group viewed the multimedia exhibit along with a Young Life Bible study group from Travis High School (known for their high teen pregnancy rate).
This was a powerful way of hearing the stories of those impacted by teen pregnancy. It was a fabulous mechanism to get teens talking about this important topic. We have so many people in our church who are being raised by people other than their biological parents, and so the stories were especially resonated with its viewers.
We are a multi-cultural congregation, and we are also multi-economical (many from generational poverty). For us, this exhibit was such a blessing for our church and for our community. We are very grateful that you entrusted us with this very valuable art!
About Children of Children

Children of Children, Portraits and Stories of Teenage Parents, is a multimedia traveling exhibition by photographer Michael Nye. The exhibit is a collection of stories of men and women ranging in age from 12 to 100 whose lives have been crucially affected by teenage pregnancy. This powerful exhibition features 50 black and white photographs, each accompanied by audio stories told by the individuals in the portraits. Each narrative offers clarifying insights. This multimedia exhibit is a catalyst for family, student and community discussions as it explores teen pregnancy and parenting in its full context – without criticism or approval – in a non-threatening setting. These voices will enlarge awareness and understanding.