Cardboard Kids Take Over WHWC Gym

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. As such, cardboard kids sightings are occurring all over San Antonio—grocery stores, churches, schools, and there are 300 at the Wesley Health & Wellness Center (WHWC). Each cardboard kid has a name. Each cardboard kid tells a story. Each cardboard kid represents one of the 5,846 child victims that was abused or neglected in Bexar County in 2013.

Cardboard Kids 1sm

The cardboard kids campaign by ChildSafe, an MHM funded partner, is designed to promote awareness of child abuse and neglect. The organization hopes to encourage conversations about how the community can work together to protect our children.

“I was happy to bring cardboard kids to WHWC. It provides a great learning opportunity for our clients and team members. Education and awareness make a difference!” shared Teresa Alejandro, Family Wellness Programs Coordinator.

Over 80 locations around the city are hosting cardboard kids. Please visit WHWC throughout the month of April to learn the stories of these children.

To learn more about the ChildSafe Cardboard Kids campaign, visit