Active Team Challenge Seminar Trivia: Round One

Test your knowledge for a chance to win health and wellness prizes!

Last week the Working Out at Work video seminar was added to

This video stressed the importance of working out at work along with providing special tips on incorporating these exercises into your daily work routine. Now is the time to test your knowledge by participating in the Active Team Challenge Video Seminar Trivia!

Answer the following Working Out at Work trivia questions correctly to be entered into a drawing to receive a special health and wellness prize. Three winners will be selected.

Working Out at Work: Seminar Trivia

1. How many hours per day does the average American spend sitting?

  • a.) 20 hours
  • b.) 5 hours
  • c.) 11 hours
  • d.) 8 hours

2. What are good aerobic exercises to do at work as recommended in the video?

  • a.) jumping jacks
  • b.) bouncing a ball
  • c.) jump rope
  • d.) a and c

3. Why is it important to stretch while at work?

  • a.) shoulders and upper back become weak
  • b.) to decrease stamina
  • c.) to rest your mind
  • d.) to increase productivity

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Deadline to submit your answers is Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

Note: The Active Team Challenge Seminar Trivia is open to MHM team members only. Correct answers will be submitted into a drawing to select three winners.