A Love Letter to Dianne Dorsett

Dear Dianne, 

You were the first team member employed by Methodist Healthcare Ministries — the same year this organization began its mission of “Serving Humanity to Honor God.” Your eyes have seen so much through the years. You were there when Methodist Hospital became the Methodist Healthcare System, organized through a new partnership with HCA Healthcare, in 1995. For the past 25 years, you have devoted your time, talents and treasures to fulfilling the mission and vision of this organization. Dianne, you have played a critical role in developing and implementing the processes and procedures that have enabled us to give back millions of dollars in healthcare services in 74 counties across South Texas.

From the beginning, you have served in a leadership role, helping shape the future of Methodist Healthcare Ministries. You first served as the Director of Administrative Services and even stepped-in as interim Director of Human Resources, then later became the Director of Board and Public Relations, and most currently, the Board Liaison.

In your role, as the leader in public relations and communications, you built the department from the ground up. You pioneered the department’s role in establishing effective strategic communications, inside and outside the walls of the organization. You were also the driving force in creating strong and lasting relationships with the news media. You are responsible for paving the way for future communicators whose careers have led them here to further the mission of Methodist Healthcare Ministries. You have crafted the first stories ever told on how people’s lives have changed for the better because of this organization’s dedication to humanity. You have planted seeds that will continue to grow, as we carry on in spreading the good news about this organization’s commitment to healthcare for the underserved. Because of you, our story has beautifully been told and will continue to be echoed in the airwaves of newscasts, digital and print publications, and social media feeds.

As the board liaison, you have been the person most directly responsible for connecting our board members to the senior leadership team. You have been an invaluable resource that keeps the board organized and have supported them as they carry out our mission. And, you take tremendous pride in making sure that our organization is recognized accurately and responsibly for the good work done for those we are passionately and dedicated to serving.

Your selfless commitment to being of service to others embodies a kind spirit and nurturing soul. Your passion for mentoring, leading, connecting, and faithfully answering the call to ministry by bringing the words of John Wesley to life in your daily walk: “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can,” is evident in all you do. You have served as an extraordinary ambassador for Methodist Healthcare Ministries and have helped make this organization become a beacon of hope for those who need us the most.There’s no doubt that you will leave a legacy of integrity, commitment, and passion, for generations to come. You have definitely left your mark of excellence across this organization, and beyond.

God placed you here to bless others, as He has graciously blessed us with you. Thank you for faithfully serving and leading us into this new decade. You have helped build a strong foundation that will remain firm for years. Thank you for loving God so much and sharing His love in all you do for humanity. You are our champion, historian, connector, servant-leader, friend, and sister-in-Christ.

We will miss you. We love you!

Your Methodist Healthcare Ministries family