A coordinated approach to patient-centered research and evaluation

In 2015, Methodist Healthcare Ministries was awarded the Eugene Washington Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Engagement Award to implement the Advancing Health in South Texas Engagement Series. The award gave Methodist Healthcare Ministries the opportunity to develop a coordinated approach to patient-centered research and evaluation in the hopes to create a framework to guide patient participation. We understand the importance of trust in any relationship, but especially between patient and provider. The intention of the series, among others, was to increase patient trust and engagement.

The series was comprised of several engagement sessions, which included community focus groups ("What Matters to You?"); university systems and academic institutions ("Knowledge Sharing Champions"); managed care organizations ("Engaging Health Payers"); town halls with consumers, stakeholders, academic institutions, health groups, health care providers, and payers ("Engaging the Community Voice"); and small group discussions with the town hall stakeholder audience ("Building the Patient-Centered Partnership").

The series attempted to identify and adopt multi-sector strategies based on differentiated but aligned activities through a common research framework by identifying cross-cutting themes in each group. In total, more than 300 residents, stakeholders, and community partners participated.

The comprehensive report and executive summary will provide you with a full look at the series. Highlights include:

  • Key findings for each stakeholder session;
  • Top dissemination, communication, and collaboration strategy recommendations;
  • A synthesis of cross cutting themes by geographic location; and
  • A framework of suggested topics and indicator criteria for future community collaborations.

All reports can be found on our website at www.mhm.org/library/south-texas-engagement-series.

We appreciate every community member, partner, and agency that helped make this initiative a success, and ask you to continue to engage with us.