4th Annual United Way Pledge Campaign Underway

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Last week marked the commencement of our 4th Annual United Way Pledge Campaign. The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County is the largest, private health and human care service organization in Bexar Country.

The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County continues to lead the country with an overhead cost of 6.5 percent. This overhead is lower than the average overhead of other United Way communities (12.7 percent) which means that 93.5 cents of every dollar you give go directly to programs that matter as they support children, families and our community.

This year, we have determined an MHM team goal of raising $40,000 in donations. By combining our financial support, we can bring about real, visible results to thousands.

Within a few days of kicking off the Campaign, we are happy to report MHM is inching closer and closer to our goal with over $32,445.80 raised with an average gift of $337.98. What’s more, fifteen team members have given gifts of $1,000 or more.

The 2012 Campaign is scheduled to close on Friday, October 12  at noon. With a collaborative effort from our team, we are hopeful of reaching our goal of $40,000.

We are asking every team member to please consider making a donation of any amount, however it is NOT mandatory to give. All team members are asked to log onto the e-Way system and select an option (make a pledge, decline, etc.).

Thank you to every team member for your consideration and for your donations!

For more information, contact your Pledge Coordinator or Maggie Vasquez at mvasquez@mhm.org.