Celebrating our 2023 SA Worx Summer Interns

For some recent high school graduates, the summer before starting college is filled with days at the pool, spending time with friends, and maybe preparing for their first time living away from home. For Bobbie Campos, oral health intern, summer is an opportunity to learn, grow, and serve her community. Campos is currently completing her second internship with the oral health team at Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ Dixon Health & Wellness Center as part of the 2023 SA Worx program, where she and other interns are developing lifelong transferrable skills that they can take to any career.  

The SA Worx program connects students across San Antonio to internship opportunities with organizations working in their areas of interest. It is an industry-led program that provides educators with student resources to pass along while also creating a reliable source of strong talent across multiple industries here in San Antonio. 

MHM has participated in the SA Worx program for over 7 years and continues to be the program’s largest partner with over 28 interns housed in facilities across San Antonio for the 2023 program. Interns at MHM can select an area of interest such as oral health, behavioral health or recreation and work on-site with MHM team members serving our patients and clients.  

Interns are also encouraged to attend several workshops that further enhance their experience at MHM while providing professional development opportunities for the students. Workshops covered topics such as Gallup Strengths, where interns learn more about their strongest qualities and how to use them for professional growth.  

“It has made me look at my strengths in our strength finders’ workshop, we learn different strategies that help you realize everything that you want to be and everything you’re already good at,” Savanna Rodriguez said. “So that way, you can grow in that area.” 

Rodriguez is currently completing her second internship at MHM as a Behavioral Health Intern, an opportunity that has allowed her to grow personally and professionally over the years.  

“I have anxiety going in crowds and just sparking up a conversation. But here I’ve learned that you don’t have to be scared because everybody is very welcoming here specifically.” Rodriguez said. “But even if they’re not, I’ve learned that you can be that welcoming person and you can spark up the conversation when somebody else feels nervous.”  

MHM’s Talent Management team, consisting of Brittani Dmitriev and Diane Rodriguez, have facilitated the partnership with SA Worx and the internship program. Together, they manage the interns by department and facilitate learning opportunities throughout the duration of the program.  

“Seeing the interns that returned from last year to this year, you can definitely see the difference,” Dmitriev said. “They’re very confident in themselves and in the work that they’re doing. It’s giving them experience and it’s also helping them personally just grow, from teenager to young adult.”  

The interns are now completing their final week in the internship program as schools preparing to reopen for the upcoming school year. While most of the interns will be returning to complete high school, Bobbie Campos will be starting her first semester at Palo Alto College’s dental program.  

“It has inspired me to go into this occupation. I knew I wanted to be in the dental field, but I didn’t know which part.” Bobbie said. “So just getting the experience in the different areas made my mind so set on being a dental hygienist.”  

Are you or someone you know interested in the SA Worx program and interning at MHM? Visit the link below to learn more about the SA Worx program and how you can apply for the next cohort: