MHM invests over $180 million to advance health equity across South Texas

(San Antonio, TX April 15, 2024) – In 2024, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. (MHM) is investing $181.1 million to advance health equity, strengthen communities and impact systemic change across its 74-county service area. That amount includes direct services, community investments, the development of community partnerships and advocacy initiatives that create a more level playing field for individuals to thrive. The organization’s 2024 commitment represents an increase of 21% from its 2023 investment.  

That $181.1 million propels a strategic focus on advancing health equity, the framework of thought and action guiding the organization’s efforts to address systemic inequities and socio-economic barriers that keep people from living their healthiest lives.   

“At Methodist Healthcare Ministries, we are realizing our bold mission of ‘Serving Humanity to Honor God’ through the programs and services we offer, the diverse geography we cover and the incredible communities we serve,” said Jaime Wesolowski, President & CEO of Methodist Healthcare Ministries. “This investment is a clear reflection of the various ways our board of directors and our 500+ team members are broadening the definition of health care every day for patients, clients, and communities we serve.​”

MHM’s mission also includes its one-half ownership of Methodist Healthcare—the largest healthcare system in South Texas. The ownership structure ensures Methodist Healthcare continues to be a benefit to the community by providing quality care to all, and earnings to MHM to care for the uninsured and economically disadvantaged throughout its 74-county service area. 

MHM allocates its $181.1M budget across various key areas of investment- Grants, Strategic Operating Initiatives, Direct Services, and administrative costs that support these areas. This allocation ensures the organization delivers on its mission, vision, and strategy effectively. To ensure its investment has the highest level of community impact, MHM has consistently kept its administrative expenses below 15% – which is required to receive the highest possible score from Charity Navigator for analysis.


For 2024, MHM has apportioned $54.5 million in community grants to over 174 nonprofit organizations and municipalities. MHM’s goal is to help create and sustain healthy communities by supporting organizations that address the community conditions in which we are born, grow, live, and work, otherwise known as the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

MHM aims to help create and sustain healthy communities by supporting grant recipients addressing one of the following priority areas: access to care, mental and behavioral health; digital equity; food security; housing; education and workforce development. 

MHM’s grantmaking strives to deepen collaborative efforts, incentivize quality health outcomes, leverage and strengthen health care delivery systems and promote sustainable systems change. $7.7 million was awarded to organizations focused on addressing issues that are upstream, meaning MHM is intentionally addressing conditions and circumstances that affect the health and well-being of patients and clients before they might reach out to MHM, or its partners, for assistance. $6.1 million in grant funding was directed to rural communities, furthering efforts to support organizations outside of urban areas.  

An example of MHM’s support for its funded partners in action is evidenced in the work of SA Digital Connects. In 2024, SA Digital Connects received a $110,000 grant to support staffing for programming and implementation of the San Antonio and Greater Bexar County Digital Equity Plan. The goal of the plan is centered around closing the digital divide and facilitating 1) increased access and affordable adoption of digital devices/services, 2) digital devices distribution, and 3) digital literacy programming to assure internet safety. The project is projected to serve 500,000 individuals throughout the life of the grant and special attention is to be devoted to assisting unserved and underserved areas to ensure every household is connected to high-speed, reliable and affordable internet.

“The impactful work by Methodist Healthcare Ministries across San Antonio and Bexar County, continues to demonstrate their commitment to addressing the many challenges of the digital divide,” says Rhia Pape, Executive Director at SA Digital Connects. “We are proud to be supported and funded by MHM and other private sector partners and are thankful SA Digital Connects gets to work with such amazing partners to implement the SA/Greater Bexar County Investment Plan. There are many layers to this work and it’s only with coordination and collaboration between organizations that we will see success in closing the digital divide in our community.”

Strategic Operating Initiatives: 

In addition to the annual grants to partners, MHM has allocated nearly $28 million toward strategic initiatives that amplify its overall strategic goals and disrupt the cycle of intergenerational poverty. MHM is investing in approaches that address the root causes of poverty and health inequities, such as cross-sector partnerships, investing in community infrastructure, policy/legislative action eliminating barriers and/or addressing the long-term needs of individuals, families and communities. Examples of the types of initiatives MHM is investing in include: economic mobilityaccess to clean water, and community-led collaboration initiatives

Direct Services 

Creating access to care through the provision of clinical services has always been key to the organization’s mission. MHM operates two San Antonio-based primary health care clinics: Wesley Health & Wellness Center and Dixon Health & Wellness Center, and two school-based health centers: George Ricks School Based Health Center at Krueger Elementary and George Ricks School Based Health Center at Schertz Elementary. The clinics address the needs of low-income families and the uninsured by providing services at no cost or on a sliding fee scale. The health care services MHM provides are a cornerstone of its charitable purpose of creating access to care. Additionally, MHM offers health care services and programs throughout its 74-county service area including community counseling services, Community Health Worker program, Get FIT prevention program, parenting support groups and care coordination and referrals through its Wesley Nurse program. 

Since inception, Methodist Healthcare Ministries has provided more than $1.67 billion in health care services through its clinical programs, as well as through partnerships, and is one of the largest private funding sources for community health care to low-income families and the uninsured in South Texas.  


About Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. 

Methodist Healthcare Ministries broadens the definition of health care by providing low-cost clinical care for the uninsured and by supporting community-led efforts that improve living conditions that cause people to be sick in the first place. We use our earnings as co-owners of Methodist Healthcare to ensure that people who are economically disadvantaged and uninsured can live their healthiest lives. We do this by advocating for, investing in and providing access to quality clinical care and addressing factors that affect health—including economic mobility, supportive relationships, food security, broadband access, and safe neighborhoods. Ultimately, we fulfill our mission of “Serving Humanity to Honor God” by advancing health equity so that more resilient individuals & families living in the 74 counties we serve can thrive.