How to Apply for MHM Funds in 2023

Step 1: Watch the 2023 Grant Cycle Informational Convening

On May 4th, MHM hosted a 3-hour recorded convening to provide information about MHM’s overall strategy direction, funding priorities, and how to apply to the 2023 grant cycle.

To view the full slides from the presentation, please click here and to view a recording of the convening, click here.


To watch parts or the full recording of the convening please use the following link (COMING SOON!):

  • Welcome to MHM and our Strategy
  • How MHM is updating our Grant Cycle for 2023
  • Grants and Evaluation
  • How to Apply
  • How to Manage/Monitor a 2023 Grant

Step 2: Getting Started

Methodist Healthcare Ministries uses an online platform for application and reporting submissions. To access the Eligibility Quiz and LOI, use the initial link below, where you will be routed to the Sign-In page of our online portal. Once you’ve logged in with an established user account, you will be directed to the Eligibility Quiz and LOI form. If ineligible, you will not be able to continue. If you have technical difficulties, please contact us at
NOTE: Once you use the initial link and have access to the form, please do not use the link again. Each time you click on the initial link, the system will create a completely new form and save it on your online account. Instead, please use the second link below to get to a form that is in progress.
If you would like to preview the Eligibility Quiz and LOI form before accessing through our online portal, visit our Documents and Resources Library page.


Step 3: Submit a Letter of Interest (LOI)

For the 2023 grant cycle, MHM will be incorporating a two-step application process that includes an LOI. Since MHM is having an open grant cycle in efforts to support the new organizational strategy with grantmaking, the LOI will help us determine if your organization’s request is aligned with our new strategy. You may preview the LOI in the Documents and Resources Library.

The LOI is due via an online submission by June 3, 2022, 11:59 p.m. CST.

Step 4: Receive an invitation to apply

Once your organization has submitted the LOI, our Community Investments staff will be working diligently between June 4th and July 14th to review and select organizations to move forward in the application process. During this time, you may be contacted by a MHM staff member if there is any additional information we might need from your organization.

Please note declinations or invitations to apply will be sent to all organizations by July 15, 2022.

Step 5: Submit an Application

If your organization is invited to submit an application, you will receive an email notification with a link to the application. The application will provide MHM with more in-depth knowledge about your request and the community your organization intends to serve. You may preview the Application in the Documents and Resources Library.

Please note the application is due by August 19th, 2022, 11:59 p.m. CST.

Step 6:  Notification of Award

Applications will be reviewed from August 20th to December 1st by our internal staff, and the Board of Directors. After reviews are completed, organizations selected to receive a grant for the 2023 cycle will receive a notice of award by December 15, 2022.

Step 7: Post-Award Expectations

1. Reporting

If your organization is selected to be a funded partner during the 2023 grant award year, please know you will be expected to provide a written mid and year-end report on the progress of your request. Funded Partners with multi-year grants must submit updated financial statements at year-end.

Your organization will also be subject to in-person or virtual site visits and desk audits. For more information about MHM’s auditing process, please see the audit section below.

2. Disbursements

MHM grant funds are not fully disbursed upon execution of the award. Distribution of grant funds operate on a reimbursement basis and are not automatic.

Grants of $100,000 or less

  • First disbursement of 50% will be paid early Q1.
  • The remaining funds up to 50% will be disbursed after submission of biannual program and financial reports.

Grants of $100,001+

  • Grantee may request quarterly advances.
  • Quarter 4 advance may be limited to two months of estimated operational costs. Please contact your MHM grant accountant for details.

Funds must be requested based on a payment schedule that is selected at the time of your grant application (monthly, quarterly, biannual or advance-if eligible). MHM will require supporting documentation to include general ledgers. If general ledger is not available receipts or other documentation that can support the expenditures will be accepted. Grant expenses must align with the approved application budget.

3. Subject to Audit

All MHM grants are subject to audit, with new Funded Partners audited the first year, and subsequent yearly audits to occur at the discretion of MHM.