2023 Community Grant Guidelines

2023 Grant Guidelines Page

Methodist Healthcare Ministries has a new, multi-step, open grant cycle for 2023. If you are considering applying to MHM for funding in 2023, please review our strategic direction, grant guidelines, focus areas, and FAQs carefully to ensure your request aligns with MHM’s priorities.


Click here for How to Apply.

To apply for a grant at MHM you must:

  • Be recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)3 organization or tax-exempt organization.
  • Provide services to a community in at least one of MHM’s 74 service counties.
  • Have a 501(c)3 or tax-exempt status for a year or have a fiscal sponsor whose status has been in place at least one year.

An organization can utilize MHM funding to support the following request types:

  • Project/program (request may include capital/renovation or capacity building costs associated with project/program)
  • Capital/renovations (request solely for capital/renovations)
  • Capacity building (request solely for capacity building)

Funding request must address one or more of the following topics: access to care – mental and behavioral health; access to care – general; digital inclusion and broadband infrastructure; food security; economic mobility: financial independence; housing; education and workforce development.

Approximately $25 million in funding will be available for the 2023 grant cycle. Funding will be distributed among the Focus Areas with the following estimated allocations:

  • Access to Care: Mental and Behavioral Healthcare – 25%
  • Access to Care: General – 20%
  • Digital Inclusion & Broadband Infrastructure – 25%
  • Food Security – 10%
  • Economic Mobility: Financial Independence – 10%
  • Housing – 5%
  • Education and Workforce Development – 5%

Please see the Focus Area section of the grant guidelines for more information on each specific focus area and click here for more detail on MHM funding in 2023.

Below are the definitions of MHM’s Focus Areas for the 2023 Grant cycle.

2023 Grant Cycle Focus Areas

Below are tables that describe examples of requests considered as in-scope or out-of-scope for each focus area. This lists for in-scope are designed to be guides and are not a comprehensive list of examples. If you have questions about your specific request, please contact us at comminvestments@mhm.org.

2023 Grant Guidelines 1 of 2
2023 Grant Guidelines 2 of 2
2023 Grant Cycle Application Timeline:
5/4​ 2023 Grant Cycle Informational Convening​
5/4 Letter of Interest (LOI) link sent to Non-Profits and available on website​
6/3​ Letter of Interest Due​
7/15​ Invite to Apply​
8/19​ Application Due​
12/15​ Notification of Award Sent​

For step-by-step instructions on how to apply, click here.

If you have a question(s) about our grant guidelines, grant process, or strategic direction, visit our FAQs or contact us at comminvestments@mhm.org.