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Health Ministries

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Community Counseling Services

Community Counselors help people who are uninsured, whose existing coverage does not provide mental health services benefits, are low-income and lack the money to pay for counseling services, or who would not receive treatment any other way.

Counseling services are provided by trained, licensed professional counselors and social workers in local churches across the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and the Coastal Bend. Sessions are private and conducted in a safe and familiar environment such as churches and community centers.

The first meeting with a counselor is free. A modest fee based on a sliding fee scale is collected for each follow-up session; however, no one is denied service because they cannot pay. An appointment must be scheduled in advance.

Wesley Nurses

The Wesley Nurse program spans 80 sites throughout South Texas and is Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.'s largest geographic outreach program.

The professional practice of the Wesley Nurse is not limited to the physical dimension of medical needs; rather, it includes a mind, body, and spirit holistic approach. A key component Wesley Nurses undertake in their communities is providing health education, health promotion and facilitation of resources. We assist individuals and communities in achieving improved health and wellness through self-empowerment and access to healthcare resource information.

While the Wesley Nurse program is a component of Methodist Healthcare Ministries' ecumenical outreach and located within churches, it does not teach a particular set of denominational beliefs. All Wesley Nurse programs are free, and all members of the community are welcome. Programs are offered to groups or on an individual basis.

Community Health Workers or Promotores de Salud

Community Health Workers or Promotores de Salud serve a vital function of the organization's outreach efforts. Community Health Workers have the distinct ability to reach vulnerable, low-income and underserved members of the community through their specialized knowledge of the communities we serve and their unique ability to engage community members at a hands-on level.

Community Health Workers support health education and prevention efforts and bridge access to community-based health programs and advocates.

Get FIT (Families in Training)

The Get FIT (Families in  Training) program is a preventive program aimed at averting type II diabetes, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles. Health and wellness are important for all children; Get FIT provides consistent and practical information for healthy living. Get FIT upholds parents as role models and leaders in their children's lives and in their community. For that reason, it is imperative that not only children but also parents be active participants in our program. Get FIT's goal is to transform the lives of the people in medically underserved, rural communities. Our efforts focus on actively engaging community members and stakeholders in the planning, designing, and delivery of services and programs that address the unmet needs of their community.

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