Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™

The Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™ program (WNHM) is a faith-based, holistic program committed to serving the least served through education, health promotion, and collaboration. The majority of the WNHM sites are in churches in rural communities. Some are in larger cities, including a site at the historic San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio.

WNHM™ serves 80 church sites throughout South Texas by providing Wesley Nurses to minister to those in need. WNHM™ is geographically the largest outreach program of MHM.

Wesley Nurses work in partnership with other individuals and organizations committed to a health care outreach mission. The partnership of church, nurse, and community is the core of our holistic program, and allows us to serve the least served through education, health promotion, and facilitation of resources. We assist individuals and communities in achieving improved health and wellness through self-empowerment and access to health care resource information. Our goal is to establish a standard of excellence in faith-based community nursing.

The professional practice of the Wesley Nurse is not limited to the physical dimension of medical needs; rather, it includes a mind/body/spirit holistic approach.

A key component of the work our Wesley Nurses undertake in their communities is providing health education to other nurses, health care providers of all faiths, and community leaders and stakeholders involved in health ministries. As part of offering health education opportunities, MHM is pleased to provide an annual event designed for nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in faith community health ministry to learn how best to address the holistic needs of the congregations and communities they serve.

To summarize, Wesley Nurse programs and services are designed to:

  • Maximize the potential for optimal health;
  • Facilitate and promote self-empowerment;
  • Recognize, honor, respect, and embrace diversity as a core function of the professional practice of nursing; and
  • Collaborate with individuals, congregations, communities, agencies, and available resources to provide relevant meaningful services.