Clinical Services

Methodist Healthcare Ministries owns and operates two primary care clinics at two locations in San Antonio. The clinics address the medical and dental needs of people who cannot afford health insurance. 

Additionally, health and counseling services are provided by MHM through School Based Health Centers (SBHC) that provide primary medical and dental care to school-age children and their younger siblings who live in areas where such services are not readily available.

Services are provided on a sliding scale fee based upon availability to pay; household income and family size are factors.

Wesley Health & Wellness Center

1406 Fitch Street
San Antonio, TX 78211
Phone: 210.922.6922

Bishop Ernest T. Dixon Jr. Clinic

1954 E. Houston Street, Suite 201
San Antonio, TX 78202
Phone: 210.527.1505

SBHC at Krueger Elementary

217 West Otto Street
Marion, TX 78124
Phone: 830.914.4111

SBHC at Schertz Elementary

757 Curtiss Avenue
Schertz, TX 78154
Phone: 210.658.4875


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