strategic priorities

Strategic Priorities

The strategic planning process, led by the board of directors, engages team members and external stakeholders in defining strategy; committing to measurable goals; approving strategic objectives; and identifying practical and realistic implementation plans on an ongoing basis as the organization's internal and external environment changes.

Every three years, Methodist Healthcare Ministries engages in a strategic planning process which helps us accomplish the key objectives set by the Methodist Healthcare Ministries board of directors, as well as ensuring the organization remains sustainable and stays true to its mission.

Key Objectives

  • Facilitate access to primary care.
  • Develop and deliver appropriate health care education.
  • Influence health care policy through advocacy.
  • Diversify and expand revenue sources.
  • Ensure a spiritually-based dimension in programming.
  • Develop parenting and family support programs.
  • Build appropriate partnerships through facilitation, leadership and/or collaboration.
  • Preserve, enhance, strengthen, develop and integrate the Methodist Healthcare System as part of Methodist Healthcare Ministries' charitable purpose and mission.

You don’t have to go to other parts of the world to do God’s Ministry. My dentist and all the staff minister to the community. Thank you for your work and God is love.

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